Tuesday, 28 May 2013

IFMAR 1/8 track Pre-Worlds 2013 (update 2)

The warm up race for the IFMAR World Championships in October 2013 is over and the winner is Shimo with his newly signed Mrx-5 WC Spec. This is not a real surprise as Kei-Tune Raceway is a track which Shimo knows very well and has had many victories in the past.
It is however interesting to see him adapt quickly to his new car.
Below are a set of photos from the race.

Winner and his beautiful O.S. Speed powered MRX-5 WC Spec.

Some other photos 

Masami on duty as referee. The fact that he did not compete does not cancel the speculation that he will compete in the Worlds in October 2013. The same goes for Atsushi Hara and his team.

And now some video action:

Race start procedure:

Focus on winner Shimo. Just incredibly smooth, quick and consistent.

Source: Facebook (Adriano Berton)
           : Youtube (Kurashige42)

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

IFMAR 1/8 track Pre-Worlds 2013 (update 1)

Quite interesting to see these two active at the track.. is HB into something?

On another note some more pics from today's action:

Adrien Bertin's car: (note that now the KM car features a wire front rollbar as per the the current norm)

Meen with his car:

Fukuda's KM Racing car features wheel hub carbon discs similar to those of the MRX-5 and Viper 977:

Current World Champion, Robert and his mechanic Felix in the pits:

Source: Facebook (KM)

IFMAR 1/8 track Pre-Worlds 2013

This coming weekend the pre-Worlds for the 2013 IFMAR World Championships take place in Japan at the track called Kei-Tune, near Tokyo.
The information is pretty limited but some Japanese blogs do post a few interesting photos and videos

Robert Pietch at work:

Fukuda and his KM-Racing car

Shimo and his Mugen MRX-5 car

Adrien Bertin (1999 World Champion) back racing 1/8 with KM Racing

erpent Viper 977.

Some other racers:

Shimo's MRX-5 and Fukuda's KM Racing:

Yuya Sahashi's Serpent 977 Viper: 

2. Keitune Track
3. Airknack Racing blog
4. Facebook (Siribodhi / Takeshita)

Friday, 17 May 2013

Japanese Blog on painting

I randomly came across a Japanese blog dedicated in paintjobs on both lexan bodies and static models.
I think his work is impressive

Art Factory Tomokyo

some of my favorite:

Thursday, 9 May 2013

KM Racing K1 1/8 onroad car

1/10th scale IFMAR World Champions, Meen Vejrak and Keisuke Fukuda have started their preparations for the upcoming 1/8 World Championships in Japan. Below are their all new KM Racing cars K1 1/8 onroad.

Meen's car

Keisuke's car

Sourse: Facebook page of Kenny

Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How it started

1. Dad buys the TAMIYA Cheetah

2. Which is the followed by the TAMIYA Fast Attack

3. Kit Nr. 3 is a TAMIYA FROG

4. Dad thinks it is wise to surpass the FROG with a 4wd and buys the TAMIYA EGRESS - The beginning of the end is near

5. I notice an advertisement of a gas powered buggy car called MUGEN. I looked for more information and then I visited the local importer and had a close look at the kit. I couldn't afford to buy it so at first I was just visiting the race tracks to watch the cars in action. A few months later I bought a Yokomo YZ-10 Dogfighter. Since then I am addicted in r/c racing.