Saturday, 15 December 2012

Advanced Electronics Black Diamond & motor

Thought I 'd try something different for a change.
On paper this is the highest spec speed control in the market. It is designed, developed and assembled in Sweden and it was one of the first speed controls, if not the first, to provide the now commonly used turbo boost and turbo timing functions which pretty much transform any motor into a very powerful item.
It is compact in size, with a nicely machined case made from aluminum, no plastic bottom here, and it has very easily accessible soldering tabs, making wire re-soldering very quick, precise and clean.
The software is developed by AE themselves and it does not require a program box, you simply connect it via the sensor plug to a USB link on your laptop; you open the program and can make any change you can think of.
Overall it gives the same unique feeling and exlusiveness of the A700 and if it performs just as good it will be a great match for it.

The motor is also quite different from most motors widely available in the market. It has a nice finish and inspires quality, looks robust and has very strong magnetic field requiring a lot more effort to spin the rotor than in any other motor I've tried. I don't know whether this means anything but in any case I will test soon and find out.