Wednesday, 2 December 2020

IFMAR Worlds 2004 ISTC Kissimmee FL USA

 A few years ago, 16 do be exact, I decided to attend the 2004 IFMAR WORLDS for 1/10 electric powered touring cars in Kissimmee Florida, USA.

I arrived on the day of 1/12 scale pan car finals and started filming right away.

Next day was registration and technical inspection of cars, where I discovered that my Futaba transmitter had broken during the 12 hour long transit from Greece to Florida. You can imagine my disappointment. 

With the help of some other racers we tried some fixing but that didn't work well and saw my car go out of control during my first couple of practice runs. Bear in mind that was the FM/AM - pre-2.4 - era with high sensitivity in transmission signal.

That race marked the breakthrough of the phenomenon which is Marc Rheinard and I was excited and happy to witness his outstanding performance. He dominated every single run he competed in, from the practice runs all the way to Amain Nr. 3.

The rest is history as they say.