Thursday, 28 July 2011


Not much info is available at the moment and it doesn't look like it is going to get any better as could not attend to cover this meeting. Still some sites are already posting some news and some more should do shortly. (it's in Greek and has reports) through the profiles of some of the participants (for example Asia Racing Team) timing:
Some nice photos here: PHOTOS
Xray RX8 of most likely third fastest on Wednesday, Tobias Hepp from team Xray Germany SMI-Motorsport with the Orcan engine.

MRX-5 of Robert Pietsch, currently fastest

Shepherd Velox Eleven probably of Patrick Schäfer

Serpent 966 TE 2011 probably of Salven

Lamberto Collari checking on his car, which looks like an MRX-4 based prototype which was first seen during free practice at the IFMAR WC in Miamin. Eventually at that race he used a Kyosho Evolva prototype with aluminum parts.

and a short clip of Robert Pietsch (Mugen MRX-5/ Novarossi) and Dario Balestri (Capricorn LAB C-801/ Novarossi) flying through free practice. Video was posted on facebook from ART (Asia Racing Team)

Tuesday, 19 July 2011


I just got my hands on the latest powerhouse from Team Orion.
Carbon Pro 90C Competition Batteries
Vortex VST Pro 1/10 Sensor B/L Motors
Vortex R10 Pro Brushless ESC (160A 2-3S)
Digital Setting Box R

Everything looks nice and neat with a robust feel.
Speed control is very compact and the aluminum case should dissipate heat very well.
Included are the capacitors and cooling fan.
The best feature of the new esc is ..... the all black soldered 12 gauge high quality wire. No more resoldering of brand new speed controlers with the risk of doing damage, in order to make the stealthy look of black wires. Now it comes as standard.!
More to come soon..