Wednesday, 21 March 2012

AWESOMATIX A700 - Battery clamps set

AWESOMATIX have produced some new parts lately, some of which I will introduce in my blog.
The first part is the new battery holder or ‘Battery clamps set’ as they call it in their website.
This is a very nice way to hold the packs without the use of tape. Tape is the preferred choice by most pro racers as it holds the battery securely without affecting the tweak of the chassis.
To achieve the same result without the use of tape,  AWESOMATIX made this very smart clamp system. The main difference compared to other systems is that there is no top part connecting the two posts, thus affecting the flex behavior of the chassis. In addition to that the design allows for very quick and safe changes to the battery packs.

1. A long set screw is installed on the lower battery holder (included as standard part in the kit)

2. I placed a 2.0 mm shim to increase the height of the post. The purpose of this is that you don’t want the clamps to actually be in contact with the pack. More on this further down..

3. The post is fastened on the set screw by hand, with the smooth surface at the bottom.

4. Then the clamp is secured by a button head screw as shown in the pictures below

5. The final assembly ready for action

Here is a short clip on how quickly you can install or remove a battery pack.
Make sure to read the captions in the video to better understand the operation.

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  1. The main difference compared to automotive hose clamps other systems is that there is no top part connecting the two posts,