Saturday, 29 September 2012

A few more painted bodies

Season finale is coming up with the last race of the 2012 National Championship and an extra pair of bodies is fresh out of the oven.
Design and execution by good friend Nick Floudas.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

A700 'L' Narrow chassis & 'floating' servo holder

AWESOMATIX recently introduced two new upgraded kits, the A700EX and A700L. The EX edition allows for both longitudinal and trasverse motor position whereas the L allows only longitudinal motor position and has the narrowest chassis of the two. The new chassis in both editions have cutouts which increase flex. There is also the option to limi this flex by hoding together the edges of these cutouts with a special fastener. Pretty trick!

In addition to the new chassis there are a number of new parts all of which are designed to increase performance, durability and make adjustments and maintenance easier and faster.

Below is one of these new parts, the AM24 Central Servo Holder, or otherwise known as 'floating' servo mount. This type of servo mount I first saw on the new Yokomo BD7 and it has since been introduced by a number of companies. AWESOMATIX's edition works in the same way, where the servo is mounted onto the chassis by two centrally positioned screws and the remaining is not in contact with the chassis. The aim is not to affect the flex behavior of the car.
Needless to say the design, quality and finish of this part is excellent.


Notice the bottom of the servo which is floating, away from the chassis plate.

Since I changed chassis I decided to go with a different configuration in my electronics. I turned the speed control around so that the motor wires may align with the motor tabs. Only problem is that the switch on the speed control is hard to access but that's something I can live with.

A better view of the ultra-narrow 'L' edition new chassis

Wednesday, 5 September 2012

THiNK carbon fibre 190 mm Touring rear wing

I just received a few carbon fibre rear wings for 1/10 190mm Electric Touring cars. These are not lexan made, carbon look wings. They are actually made from carbon fibre and are Kevlar re-enforced. The result is a super light, thin and strong wing.
The quality is excellent, completely straight and true and very nicely cut on the edges. Dimensions are IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA/JMRCA etc approved so they should be acceptable by most federations.
When installed and secured on the body, the body itself becomes much more rigid and the wing sits perfectly straight.
I received prototype versions so the holes were aligned for Protoform bodies. I guess there will be more options available for other bodies.
I will most likely test them in a couple of weeks and will then revert with my feedback on how they perform on the track.
The wings came under the code name "CW1" and should be available shortly by a new company in the making called THiNK.
More info soon.