Wednesday, 5 September 2012

THiNK carbon fibre 190 mm Touring rear wing

I just received a few carbon fibre rear wings for 1/10 190mm Electric Touring cars. These are not lexan made, carbon look wings. They are actually made from carbon fibre and are Kevlar re-enforced. The result is a super light, thin and strong wing.
The quality is excellent, completely straight and true and very nicely cut on the edges. Dimensions are IFMAR/ROAR/EFRA/JMRCA etc approved so they should be acceptable by most federations.
When installed and secured on the body, the body itself becomes much more rigid and the wing sits perfectly straight.
I received prototype versions so the holes were aligned for Protoform bodies. I guess there will be more options available for other bodies.
I will most likely test them in a couple of weeks and will then revert with my feedback on how they perform on the track.
The wings came under the code name "CW1" and should be available shortly by a new company in the making called THiNK.
More info soon.


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