Friday, 7 December 2018


With a transmitter since 2007 (KO Propo Esprit III), and a servo since 2012 (KO Propo RSX One) I thought a change was well overdue.
My choice of new equipment are the following two products:

1. Sanwa M12s-RS + RX 482 (antenna-less) receiver. 

Nice combo of top of the line transmiter in a more attractive price than the standard radio. I was lucky enough to get a great deal from EURORC.COM and received it within a few days. Feel is very nice and considering this is my first pistol radio after switching from a stick radio, I trust it is the best choice considering it is a well proven product all around the world for this application.

2. MKS X6 HBL 575 SL
This I was quite reluctant to get. Being a bit old school I was more keen to go for the more tranditional makers such as KO Propo, Futaba or at least same make as the new radio, SANWA.
In the end I was open to listen to the comments of a few friends and went for it. 
Once I got it in my hands I was impressed by the quality, the finish of the case and the smooth operation. Speed is great as expected so only track time is pending to make final conclusions


Here is my car with all the new equipment installed. It looks nice and fresh compared to what it looked like before.

and as usual full gallery here:
A800X MMCX gallery