Saturday, 26 January 2019

FUTABA 7XC Stick Radio 2.4GHz T-FHSS SR

After the failed attempt to drive with the popular pistol radio I decided to upgrade my stick radio equipment after 12 years running KO Propo Esprit III.
The radio of choice is what I believe to be the ultimate stick radio currently on the market. Not the most popular, probably due to its very high price, but certainly the most well equipped and best looking.
I got a great deal from TAGMODELS and now it is in my hands.
I will probably spend more time playing with the endless options than actually race but this is what I enjoy mostly of this hobby, the technical aspect.

So here are some photos of the radio and how it arrives in the package.

For High Definition photos click on this link: FUTABA 7XC Gallery

I like the included screen protector!