Wednesday, 8 May 2013

How it started

1. Dad buys the TAMIYA Cheetah

2. Which is the followed by the TAMIYA Fast Attack

3. Kit Nr. 3 is a TAMIYA FROG

4. Dad thinks it is wise to surpass the FROG with a 4wd and buys the TAMIYA EGRESS - The beginning of the end is near

5. I notice an advertisement of a gas powered buggy car called MUGEN. I looked for more information and then I visited the local importer and had a close look at the kit. I couldn't afford to buy it so at first I was just visiting the race tracks to watch the cars in action. A few months later I bought a Yokomo YZ-10 Dogfighter. Since then I am addicted in r/c racing. 

1 comment:

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