Wednesday, 22 May 2013

IFMAR 1/8 track Pre-Worlds 2013

This coming weekend the pre-Worlds for the 2013 IFMAR World Championships take place in Japan at the track called Kei-Tune, near Tokyo.
The information is pretty limited but some Japanese blogs do post a few interesting photos and videos

Robert Pietch at work:

Fukuda and his KM-Racing car

Shimo and his Mugen MRX-5 car

Adrien Bertin (1999 World Champion) back racing 1/8 with KM Racing

erpent Viper 977.

Some other racers:

Shimo's MRX-5 and Fukuda's KM Racing:

Yuya Sahashi's Serpent 977 Viper: 

2. Keitune Track
3. Airknack Racing blog
4. Facebook (Siribodhi / Takeshita)

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