Thursday, 14 February 2013


TEAM ORION recently introduced their new motor, the 2nd edition of the VST Pro line.
Although it retains the name, in principal it is a completely new motor. Entering a new racing season and with so many new motors in the market the VST Pro had to be replaced with something substantially better in order to keep the brand on top and from the first impression it looks like TEAM ORION have delivered a great new design.
The aesthetics are much improved dropping the dull looking mat look to a new nice shiny finish. A new aluminum endbell with double sensor plugs, clear timing markings and sensor plug covers are some of the new features but the most eye catching are the new solder tabs. The new design provides sufficient area to solder the motor wires and be able to apply some pressure thus achieving perfect contact between wire and tab.

The packaging is also very nice, using nice robust and soft materials, as if opening a box of expensive perfume. Very nice touch.

Once retrieved from the package its nice design and great finish is immediately observed. Through the motors I've used I always liked the design of the LRP X20 and lately the built quality of the ADVANCED ELECTRONICS motor I've been using with much success, but this seems to bring a new level in design and quality.

The package I received is final pre-production version and it included a magnet (armature) remover, solder tab cover and sensor plug covers.

Finally the inside detail of the endbell. Everything very neatly made.  I expect to test the motor in a few weeks if weather and time allow me to do so.


  1. wishlist... the vst pro is definitely one of the best motors i have used.. hoping to get my hands on this one too!

    1. wishlist.. it only gets longer and logner each time!

  2. Greetings!

    Hi JD. How you find this VST2 vs the AE's Motor (Advance Electronics. Thanks in advance and looking forward for more of your post regarding 1/10 TC and it's whatnots.


  3. Hi JC,

    Both motors are very good but it is not a fair comparison and I have not spent enough time to draw any correct conclusions. Of course the Orion motor had the most power since it is lower turn, 3.5T vs 4.5T that is the AE motor. With the 3.5T motor though I did reached the temp limit of the speedo where as with the 4.5T I've never had any temp problems on the speedo. I am trying to find a 4.5T Orion motor but they are impossible to locate. Everywhere they are sold out.

  4. Thanks, JD. reliable as always!


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