Sunday, 10 February 2013

A test day

 Among a few other things, one of the benefits living in Greece is the good weather. While most of central and northern Europe is under rain and snow clouds we are lucky enough to enjoy dry sunny weather and decent temperatures around 15-20 degrees Celsius.
This weekend we also have some guests from Germany, running the Velox V8 Shepherd car. One of the drivers is Thilo-Alexander Toedtmann who is a title contender in the most competitive class of the German Nats, Class 1.
After viewing one of my videos a few months ago he contacted me asking for details regarding the track in the video and whether it was worth the risk to travel in the middle of winter to do some testing. I advised him that during this time, 3 our of 4 weekends the weather is good so here we are a few months later and they are enjoying some valuable testing time, trying out new parts and engines.
Below are some pictures of the Sheperd team as well as local racers
Our lovely track at the northern suburb of Athens.

 Shepherd car of Thilo. Spot the new parts?
My car getting ready for a test run



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