Friday, 26 June 2015

ETS Finale @ HUDY ARENA 2015 - Day 2 - Update 2

Q1 for all is done. I can say one thing. This track bites, and bites hard.
Marc crashed hard in the infield and then Ronald crashed full speed on the kink at the end of the back straight. It was ugly, loud and painful to watch.
More smaller errors followed by other drivers and in the end it was Bruno who got the TQ.
What an irony. Bruno couldn't complete one clean run in all of his practice runs while all others were flawless and in the first qualifying run the exact opposite occurred with Bruno staying calm while the rest failed to do so.

Q2 is next and it will take us all the way to 21:00 at night! This will be very interesting.

Marc has one of the most recognizable and striking paint jobs. Super nice.

I think this is Yannic's 'other' car. The one he runs was unavailable :-)

Legendary drummer and RIDE consultant Ludovic Leflon's HB Pro5

 Team MUCH MORE pit space
New MUCH MORE 'VOLANTE' tires which should become very popular next season

Viljamin's AWESOMATIX running a new ultra thin aluminum chassis from EX Lab (

Alexander Hagberg's superbly built XRAY T4'15 in detail. Respect on the built.

Scotty taking a short break from announcing to run his F1 car
Exclusive Ronald's prototype car! Well not all of it, just the electronics installation. Sorry!

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  1. That LRP speedo is a prototype. The heat sink, fan - and internals ;) - are not production items.

    New direct mount Highest servo is cool too.