Friday, 26 June 2015

ETS Finale @ HUDY ARENA 2015 - Day 2 - Update 1

Q1 is done for me. Got a good start, was leading my group even though I started 9th and midway the rear suspension came loose and my run was done. Bit upset as my new tire set is now done and did not get a good time. Laptimes were another 0.300 of a second faster than my previous visit so each time I hit the track I improve by about 2 to 3 tenths. On to the next one tonight.

Now enjoy more video & photo from the top guns.

TAMIYA diff built

Organization walk report. The effort & time invested in this huge event is unprecedented. From referee to time keeping to live streaming and race reporting. Just incredible work. Well done to all!

YOKOMO pit work

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  1. I wonder what that grease is that Akio is using. The only stuff I know of that is that black and comes in a black tub is Hudy Bearing Grease. Wouldn't have though to use that to help make a seal. Hmm.