Wednesday, 23 November 2011

HB TCX - New parts

I added a few more of the latest options available for the TCX.
First are the new longer POM solid axle cup joints. Due to longer length they allow the use of the 44 mm drive shafts, thus providing a wider range of choices.

For practice I have combined the DCJ (Double Cardan Joint) drive shaft with the long steel solid axle cup joint. I have already tried the POM cups I mention above and have not seen any wear at all after a few runs, so I'll save them for the next race meeting. In theory they should give just a little smoother action and maybe more turn-in compared to the steel axle cups.

Next new part is the new front steering block (upright or spindle) which now features three holes for the steering link. I understand that this should provide a bit more consistant feel. I did not get the chance to test it back to back with the old style, two hole steering block, so I cannot comment.

A close up of the 24k gold plated Qteq Banana connectors soldered to the Team Orion R10Pro speed control wires.

A shot of the chassis (sans shock absorbers) ready for the next race meeting.

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