Tuesday, 13 December 2011

National CUP 2011

A great action photo, shot by my friend Chris Zotalis.
So the final race of the year is now history and it went quite well for me since I won with some ease. Competition is not quite at the top level it used to be in this class as it has suffered a lot in the past few years with low number of entries and limited involvment from most hobby shops so it was expected that I would do well as I am one of the most experienced and involved in this class.
The positive part is that the race was nice and fun, the people participating enjoyed it and quite a few more have expressed their interest in competing in this class in 2012.  Should this be the case I am always more than willing to share my knowledge and assist any new or old racers to improve their performance.
Below is a series of photos from the car in its latest form in which I won the National Cup race for 2011 and at the end a .pdf file of my set up.

Set up sheet :