Thursday, 30 October 2014

National Championship 2014 - Title Contenders. Part 3

Part 3 and final of the title contenders review.
I've been racing the Awesomatix kit since 2012 and I've been slowly learning more and more about how it works, what needs attention and how to set it up.
Lately there has been a number of new parts introduced by designer and owner, Oleg and I've installed part of them, not all.
In its current form I think it is a very good platform and although international results may not do justice to the potential of the chassis, in regional and national championship it is doing pretty well both on carpet and on asphalt.
It is not a car you can built in one afternoon, install electronics and win the next day unless of course you get lucky with the set up. In general terms it will require a little getting used to and finding a basic set up that can work well in most conditions.
I think this is the level I am at now, where I can visit any track and be competitive in relative terms to the level we have in our country.

Car                   : Awesomatix A700 Evo

Motor               : Team Orion VST2 Light Weight 5.5T
Timing             : 4 lines (12 degrees I think)
Speedo             : Team Orion R10.1 Pro
Batteries           : Much More 6000mAh
Body                : Protoform LTCR Lightweight / Sick Paint
Years in racing : Since 1991
First race kit     : Yokomo YZ10 Works 91
Current results  : 8th in 1st race, 1st in 2nd race

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