Tuesday, 28 October 2014

National Championship 2014 - Title Contenders. Part 1

This year's National Championship for the 1/10 electric open mod touring class is one of the most exciting in years. We have one final race left and there is a three way tie between Fillip, Nick and me.

We all had good performances and bad luck and it is now up to who will finish the race at a higher position than the other two.

The race is coming this weekend and I've decided to make three separate articles for each of the three cars.

First up is Fillip's race car.

Car                      : Top Photon EX
Motor                  : Much More Fleta ZX 4.5T
Timing                : 20 degrees
Speedo               : Advanced Electronics BD
Batteries             : Vempire Racing 7200mAh 90c
Body                  : Protoform LTCR LightWeight / GX LightWeight
Years in racing  : Since 2004
First race kit      : HPI Micro RS4
Current results  : 6th in race 1 and 2nd in race 2.

Fillip is relatively new to our National Championship series. Prior to this year he was mainly competing in club racing. He has certainly improved a lot and he pays a lot of attention to detail while preparing his car, evident by the excellent condition of his kit shown below.
His car is very flexible with generally soft settings. I've paid close attention to his car in low grip conditions and he had excellent pace, much more consistent than my package.

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