Monday, 15 January 2018

Montech Racer body

Few months ago had the chance to try a RACER body from MONTECH. Much was said about this body and the test proved that it is an excellent product. Rigid, lightweight, aggressive design, and on average 0.150-0.300 faster than a PF LTCR on a very large asphalt outdoor track in cool-ish conditions for Greek standards and medium traction.

The track & the body.

Click on here for HD photos: Full Gallery

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


AWESOMATIX introduced a few months ago their latest edition of the belt driven A800 kit, called the 'X'.
Although not much has changed it still features a few small but vital upgrades over the older kits.

– New chassis with updated flex, suspension and drivetrain geometry
– New 2mm top deck with innovative flex adjustment 
– New bulkheads and motor mount for better diff position
– New diff eccentric holders for altered diff height
– New ball-raced sway bar system with integrated droop adjustment 
– New spool with new pulley
– New LS1 linear steering rack as standard
– New carbon arms with new design
– New hubs for improved geometry
– New damper output shaft
– New damper holders with limited A and B adjustment
– ST130 30g centre weight as standard

Monday, 29 August 2016

AWESOMATIX A800 VTD (Vertical Top Deck Set)

AWESOMATIX introduced a few weeks ago the new Vertical Top Deck (VTD) for their A800 belt car. Similar to what we've seen in the WRC STX and Schumacher Mi5&6 cars it provides a different approach to how the top of the chassis is assembled.
Testing has shown that it helps on low to medium conditions.
What I like is that it is perfectly symmetrical compared to the standard horizontal top deck although even the asymmetrical top deck works perfectly well and has now been used by the newly crowned world championship winning Yokomo BD8 (which looks very nice by the way).

So here are some photos of the parts used and the top deck installed