Monday, 10 September 2018

Awesomatix MMCX - Mid Motor Conversion

Actually it is not mid motor. The motor is moved forward by some margin but still is located rearward. The point of interest here is the mid-spur location and the equal length belts front / rear. In theory this layout should provide a better and smoother power delivery than the unequal length belts of the current traditional layout.


In practice, it seems to deliver as it showed great pace in the hands of Freddy Sudhoff at the recent IFMAR World Championships in South Africa.

AWESOMATIX was the highest placed team without a professional driver and the margin of speed from the top performing cars was very small, if any.
In fact on his Q2 run Freddy was on course for top qualifying until he had contact with a board on the very last lap.

I have not tried it yet but I cannot doubt much the designer's Oleg Babich ideas as so far most of the upgrades he introduces seem to produce better pace.

This new design calls for a re-arrangement of the electronics layout. So far the most common and the proposed installation is to place the speedo behind the motor, and keep the receiver and cooling fan in front of the motor. This keeps the balance of the chassis at the desired point and also cooling of the motor is aided since the airflow of the fan follows the airflow of the car running.

Here is the suggested motor / speedo installation:

Me being me.. I tried the other way around. Why? well I did not enjoy seeing the speedo so far back.
Since I had long leads from the servo and speedo I could place the receiver way back and with some carbon spare pieces I made a fixing point for the antenna.
I did not place any weights up front and added 20gr of weight at the back which seems to have worked in achieving the desired center of gravity being a few mm behind the spur. I cannot say how much mm as this is top secret info and if I tell you I will then have to make you disappear!

Long story short.. here is my car: 

Thursday, 23 August 2018

Team Orion equiped

About a month ago I had the urge to upgrade my equipment so I chose to try one of my favorite brands, TEAM ORION.
They have come out with a few new goodies lately so I was eager to have them installed on my car.

The items I installed are:

Team Orion HMX 10 Modified speed control
Vortex Ultimate Modified 4.5T motor
Ultimate Graphene HV 7.6v 7.000 mAh LiPo battery
Vortex VDS2-HV XS servo 

More HD photos here:

Monday, 15 January 2018

Montech Racer body

Few months ago had the chance to try a RACER body from MONTECH. Much was said about this body and the test proved that it is an excellent product. Rigid, lightweight, aggressive design, and on average 0.150-0.300 faster than a PF LTCR on a very large asphalt outdoor track in cool-ish conditions for Greek standards and medium traction.

The track & the body.

Click on here for HD photos: Full Gallery

Tuesday, 21 February 2017


AWESOMATIX introduced a few months ago their latest edition of the belt driven A800 kit, called the 'X'.
Although not much has changed it still features a few small but vital upgrades over the older kits.

– New chassis with updated flex, suspension and drivetrain geometry
– New 2mm top deck with innovative flex adjustment 
– New bulkheads and motor mount for better diff position
– New diff eccentric holders for altered diff height
– New ball-raced sway bar system with integrated droop adjustment 
– New spool with new pulley
– New LS1 linear steering rack as standard
– New carbon arms with new design
– New hubs for improved geometry
– New damper output shaft
– New damper holders with limited A and B adjustment
– ST130 30g centre weight as standard