Sunday, 26 January 2020

Bittydesign Hyper ULT

Latest entry from Bittydesign in the current trend of front-ish cab low profile bodies is the Hyper body in Lightweight and Ultra Lightweight versions.
This is the ULT weighing at approximately 75gr with a good amount of paint and rear reinforced wing supports.
The design is very good, providing great rigidity thus not requiring any additional components to keep it stable and maintain its shape while racing.
Aesthetically it is the prettiest of what is currently available, but this a subjective opinion.
Future track time will show its performance.

Monday, 3 June 2019

ZooRacing Hellcat 1/10 TC Body

So can the best get better.
Early reports are positive. Probably at the next big race we will have a clear picture.
The design is quite aggresive, with a long pointy front end and a curved rear where the wing follows the curved line to increase downforce.
Very impressive work.

Thursday, 11 April 2019

MonTech Racing Racer 2 1/10 TC lexan body

MonTech's response to the ZooRacing bodies is their Version 2 of the Racer.
With a more aggressive front end, lower stance than the previous model and bit more pronounced lines to keep a rigid form under load they aim in improving performance and matching the DBX body.
At the recent ETS Madrid race, it did not seem to be the preferred choice and team drivers reverted in the end to the ZooRacing body, although this may be contributed to other reasons, one of them being the fact that Xray team seemed to be lost with set up in the extreme cold conditons of that particular event. When such issues occur it is common to try and maintain one performance factor unchanged in order to have a consistent reference point. Thus I presume was the reason for choosing DBX for that race.
The future will show whether this body is a top performer or not.
Quality wise, it seems to be a well-designed product, with nice clear and rigid lexan. A lot of attention to detail has gone in the front end to channel air so that it increases downforce. The DBX seems to be a bit nicer in fit and finish as the Racer2 required to be positioned a bit higher than I would have liked in order to meet the 115mm height rule.
Aesthetically I prefer it as the cabin is not as forward as the DBX and it has nicer proportions in my subjective view.
Anyway, here are some photos of the body:

MonTech-Racing Racer2 Album

Wednesday, 10 April 2019

ZooRacing DBX body

Newcomer in the 1/10 TC body industry, ZooRacing stormed the scene lately with their creations proving to be the ‘body’ to have as results and pro driver preference immediately showed Preopard and DBX are some of  the best performing bodies.
The main design characteristics are the low center of gravity and overall stance of the body, and the front cab position of the cabin.
My input is pretty much non important as the performance of the body is the best indicator of its qualities, but I can say that the quality of the lexan is very good, and the design is very accurate, fitting perfectly to a modern TC chassis.
It is also quite robust as I already managed to crash test it at high speed (ETS Madrid) and no damage was sustained to the body.

Below enjoy some photos

FLICKR albums

Saturday, 26 January 2019

FUTABA 7XC Stick Radio 2.4GHz T-FHSS SR

After the failed attempt to drive with the popular pistol radio I decided to upgrade my stick radio equipment after 12 years running KO Propo Esprit III.
The radio of choice is what I believe to be the ultimate stick radio currently on the market. Not the most popular, probably due to its very high price, but certainly the most well equipped and best looking.
I got a great deal from TAGMODELS and now it is in my hands.
I will probably spend more time playing with the endless options than actually race but this is what I enjoy mostly of this hobby, the technical aspect.

So here are some photos of the radio and how it arrives in the package.

For High Definition photos click on this link: FUTABA 7XC Gallery

I like the included screen protector!

Friday, 7 December 2018


With a transmitter since 2007 (KO Propo Esprit III), and a servo since 2012 (KO Propo RSX One) I thought a change was well overdue.
My choice of new equipment are the following two products:

1. Sanwa M12s-RS + RX 482 (antenna-less) receiver. 

Nice combo of top of the line transmiter in a more attractive price than the standard radio. I was lucky enough to get a great deal from EURORC.COM and received it within a few days. Feel is very nice and considering this is my first pistol radio after switching from a stick radio, I trust it is the best choice considering it is a well proven product all around the world for this application.

2. MKS X6 HBL 575 SL
This I was quite reluctant to get. Being a bit old school I was more keen to go for the more tranditional makers such as KO Propo, Futaba or at least same make as the new radio, SANWA.
In the end I was open to listen to the comments of a few friends and went for it. 
Once I got it in my hands I was impressed by the quality, the finish of the case and the smooth operation. Speed is great as expected so only track time is pending to make final conclusions


Here is my car with all the new equipment installed. It looks nice and fresh compared to what it looked like before.

and as usual full gallery here:
A800X MMCX gallery

Saturday, 10 November 2018

AWESOMATIX A800x MMCX - Rear speedo configuration

After running the car with the speedo installed in front of the motor I decided to re-wire the electronics with the speedo installed behind the motor this time.
This is also the actual designated location of the speedo from the designer of the car. Following his advice the battery connectors are now switched to the back to maintain the shortest possible lenth on the wires.