Saturday, 4 April 2020


For some time now I’ve been following the products of Australian racer Ryan Maker is making through his company RCMAKER and always admired his high quality work and the functionality ingenuity and aesthetics of his products.
Lately I got the chance to buy a bunch of them for the A800MMX and I am happy to present them in a series of photos.

There are a few more available for the A800MXX but didn’t choose to try them at the moment.
Apart from what is presented I also got a few tools from Ryan which work perfectly.

Ryan is a great guy, runs the absolutely best looking color scheme on his body, is always available for help and working hard to provide high quality products and valuable information.

Photos below include:
* Centre Stiffener Weight for MMX
* Floating Electronics Weight Plate Set for MMX
* GeoCarbon V2 Front & Rear Steering arms for MMX
* LCG Front Centre Weight for MMX
* LCG ESC Weight Plate - Universal
* Weight Shift Adjustable LCG Chassis Weights Front / Rear
* GeoCarbon battery mounts
* Slimflex Top Deck, 1.6mm & 2.0mm
* Brass LCG battery weight and floating mounts

P.S. - he insisted I mention he can bench press more than 100kg

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  1. I love your posts and everything looks wonderful. I love your idea thanks for sharing.