Monday, 29 October 2012

AWESOMATIX A700 New parts

Some more new parts announced by AWESOMATIX for the latest editions of the A700 car.

 New plastic lightweight diff holders
New two piece outdrives for easier removal and maintenance
New steering plate for easier adjustments
 New two piece motor mount 
New gear diff set with metal internal parts
 New short steering block

Finally a modification I did on my car in order to improve the consistency of the rear toe-in settings. I managed to hold the toe-in link on the main bulkhead thus making it considerably longer than standard and in theory this minimizes the change in teo-in angle during suspension movement. Additionally the turnbucle is fastened further in into the ball cup and provides a stronger setup.
This same setup of the toe-in link is standard on the newest editions that use the updated AM01-1 Gear Box.

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