Tuesday, 9 October 2012

2012 National title. Final race & Championship

So the final race of the year for the National Federation's 2012 Championship is now over. The result is that I lost for the 2nd consecutive time the title. The bad thing is that I tried quite a lot but it just wasn't my day, or better yet, my season. The good thing is that the winner is super cool guy and a very desrved Champion. Throughout the season my driving has been off, never as focused as I've been in the past, with many errors and inconsistent driving. Nick Geo (the 'Kid') on the other hand avoided any big mistakes all season and in the last race where everything was at stake he performed flawlessly, with a superb TQ run and 2 clean wins in the first two Amains.
I made a mess on my qualifying run and ruined a new set of tyres and then, starting 2nd on the grid, I simply did not have the pace to chase Nick in the Amain finals.
I take some comfort in the fact that I achieved a new lap record but on the other hand that confirms that the car had the potential but the driver simply failed. Anyway that's racing.
The car was running quite well and I am very pleased with the way it behaves. The deciding factor was my bad driving and then the lack of power as I had set up the speedo with wrong settings giving me too much power at the start and then big drop off after the 2nd minute.

Here are some videos that Nick F. recorded, for which I thank him very much!

My 3rd and final qualifying attempt in which I finally managed to complete a run without mistakes. Unfortunatelly my tyres had already run 4 minutes in the previous attempt and were simply to old to give any chance in getting pole.

Amain Nr.1

Amain Nr.2

Amain Nr.3 pretty much sums up my season with a spectacular full speed exit. (note the carbon "THiNK" wing did not brake!)

Some pictures thanks to rcdevil.gr


Champion's car!

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