Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Post race maintenance

After each race I waste no time to sit down and disassemble the car in order to make a thorough investigation on each part to check for any wear, breakage or any other reason that replacement is required.

Here are some random photos of my car after the parts have been cleaned and I start to re-assemble.

I really do not like the scratches and signs of usage shown on the aluminum chassis. This was a prototype batch an the anodizing was quite shallow, only a few microns.
In any case the important thing is that the car works great with it and after a decent amount of running it still sits flat on a glass surface.

Front spool and rear gear diff. This is the latest edition of the gear diff and it works perfectly smooth (Xray internal gears), perfectly sealed and zero reliability issues.

Front double joint axle. Absolutely bullet proof, perfectly smooth, ultra precise and very well engineered.
Floating servo mount with Ko Propo servo and Ko Propo carbon servo horn.


  1. Very nice! What spur gear are you using (what brand)? Does it works perfectly with the 5mm holes for the spur damper?

    Thanks for answering,
    Best reagards,
    Jérémy FRANCOIS

  2. I am using KAWADA spur gear 64 pitch. I open the whole myself. If I remember well, I dont open completely 5mm but just a bit less, maybe 4.8mm.
    They work fine. This one has survived more than 40 runs.