Monday, 12 August 2013

A test day at a new track

During my summer vacation at the island of Crete I had the chance to visit a new track for one afternoon. The track looks very nice, is very well built with a great quality of asphalt providing medium traction in its worse condition and very high traction in its optimum. The layout is both fast and challenging requiring time to get used to and great concentration to stay consistent. A very enjoyable experience altogether.


  1. Hi sir,

    I'm a big admirer of the A700 machine and to your site. Thank you very much for the informative website.

    Recently I'm considering the a700 EVO as my next kit (I'll be running in the modified class) but a few of the local drivers comment on this machine as comparatively weaker in durability to machine such as the Xray T4.

    May I have some of your thoughts please?

    Thank you very much for your time.


  2. Hi Ted,
    Durability is different to other cars. For example transmission is bullet proof. No pulleys or belts to brake. Axles are ultra strong and the spool never breaks. The diff remains consistent all the time.
    On the other hand the camber links may pop off during impact which can end your run.
    But overall it is a very well built car with strong components.