Tuesday, 2 July 2013

New chassis A700 EXL first test

On Sunday afternoon, right after some family & social obligations I drove to the track and managed some valuable practice time. It was my first run with the new car, which I had assembled with a new set up as well as many different parts vs the old chassis.
Additionally I had re-installed my electronics in a new configuration.

The first 'shakedown' run was ok, the car felt quite a bit loose, but I knew I was running on very old tyres and I needed to make some droop and steering travel adjustments.
On the 2nd run I did the small changes required and the car felt very good right away.
On the 3rd run I used new tyres. To my pleasant surprise the change did not effect the car's behavior other than just have overall more grip. The laptimes look very promising so I am looking forward to the race this coming weekend.

Here is a vid of my last run of the day. I am a bit down on power which I think it is due to a bad lipo pack as my previous runs were averaging 0.5sec faster times:

Viewing tip, full screen and 720p or higher. (1:28 - 1:29 I call this power slap!)

and some highlights of the run in slow motion. (its a bit crappy but at some points still fun to watch /0:47-0:50 power slap in slowmo)

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