Thursday, 24 May 2012

Past winning cars.. TRF 414 WCR

My race car in 2003-2004. It was a TAMIYA TRF 414 chassis which I progressively modified. Of course any modification I made I am pretty sure only made the car worse but it was fun to experiment with different configurations. They were fun years, when I had plenty more time and a lot bigger budget.

I remember when I first raced the box stock TRF 414 WCR edition, the replica of Surikarn's 2002 World Championship winning car, I started winning straight away after a miserable time with my previous car, the Yokomo MR4-TC SP.
The MR4-TC SP was a very nice kit, but required quite a bit of knowledge to make it work properly and quality was nowhere near the TAMIYA car.

I couldn't find a picture of the TRF 414's original form. Here is the car with the 'SSG' chassis, a white/silver colored carbon fiber which was a bit more flexible than stock.

In this, last edition before I sold it, I had installed a prototype carbon fibre chassis custom made by in UK just for me. If I remember well the purpose was to add a bit more space in order to accomodate the 9.0V battery for the cooling fan.  Although it looks ugly, it did work.



  1. I have always liked the balanced design of these kind of cars, like the HPI RS4 Pro2, TRF 414, kawada Alcyon, you know the centered motor and batteries going through the center. The height of the layshaft does not really affect handling. Cool car and there was someone who updated his 414 to modern day spec.

  2. Yes very nice car. Too bad I sold it. Big mistake.